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5 Things, period.

Posted on March 1, 2007 under digital history, museums, museums and the web | 5 Comments

I got tagged last month on the 5 things meme, originally ‘5 things you don’t know about me.’ William Turkel from Digital History Hacks hacked it, turning it into a reflective meta-meme about digital history and the blogosphere, and exposing his own reflective work, even exploring how one decides who to tag. “Should you tag […]

Getting history online fast

Posted on February 15, 2007 under digital history | 2 Comments

Brian of Antietam on the Web has been working with various open source CMSes for a historical website, and he’s going with WordPress. It comes down to the fastest and easiest way to get function online with minimum investment. WordPress is accessible and well-documented and has lots of plugins available. For a small organization without too […]

History museums and the semantic web

Posted on January 16, 2007 under digital history, LAMW2.0, museums and the web | 6 Comments

I love the tools developed by the SIMILE folks at MIT, open-source tools that make interoperability between data collections a key focus. They have lots of neat tools that are more meta, but two in particular could be very useful to off-the-shelf digital historians. The first is the Timeline tool, which I’m planning to use […]

Nursing History at Mass. Gen.

Posted on January 8, 2007 under digital history, history of medicine, public history | 1 Comment

“My first introduction to a hospital ward . . . I was ushered into a large bright airy room, the pretty white-curtained beds, with their strip of bright carpet beside each bed, and in almost every window pretty flowing plants gave the room a most cheerful and homelike appearance. And yet as I soon learned […]

New digital humanities grants from NEH/IMLS

Posted on December 21, 2006 under digital history

NEH and IMLS are sponsoring some new grant programs in the digital humanities.   Advancing Knowledge grants for partnerships and collaborative projects, Fellowships,  Start-up grants for wacky ideas: The name “Start-Up Grant” is deliberately evocative of the technology start-up–a company like an Apple Computer or a Google that took a brilliant idea and, with a small amount of seed […]


Posted on October 23, 2006 under advice, digital history

I started writing a lovely little map on for my upcoming talk at HSS, mapping the locations of advertising medical institutes in Chicago 1880-1950, which shows very conclusively how ubiquitous these places where, even if they are pretty obscure now. However, showmewhere has been down these last few weeks and I’m not sure how […]