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Junto report

Posted on April 9, 2008 under history of medicine, history of science, minnesota

The 51st Annual Midwest Junto for the History of Science was held last weekend here at Minnesota.  Here’s a report from Steph, and one from Nathan.  There was a real diversity of presentations and research areas, as well as some geographic diversity, with our usual folks from Minnesota, Wisconsin, various places in Missouri, Iowa State […]

Midwest Junto this weekend!

Posted on April 1, 2008 under history of medicine, history of science, me, minnesota

Come one, come all to the Midwest Junto for the History of Science, the regional history of science/technology/medicine conference, held this weekend at the University of Minnesota. The program is not online as yet, so I can’t point you to it, but suffice it to say that there will be lots of terrific and diverse […]

Most horrible and shocking murders!

Posted on March 10, 2008 under history of medicine | 1 Comment

If you’re planning to be in DC in the next few months, (for instance if you’re going to THATcamp, and should read this information), go see this great-sounding exhibit curated by Mike Sappol. New Exhibition Opens at NLM… “MOST HORRIBLE & SHOCKING MURDERS!” True crime murder pamphlets in the collection of the National Library of […]

Roundup for 3/5

Posted on March 5, 2008 under blogs, history of medicine, minnesota, Uncategorized

Mike Rhode from the NMNH has a blog called A Repository for Bottled Monsters. It looks like the NMNH is doing some great work with digitizing their collections and finding aids. I’m particularly happy that they’re putting their books up on the Internet Archive. An interesting post from a tech blog about the rising need […]

Briefly noted for 2/11

Posted on February 11, 2008 under digital history, history of medicine, history of science, minnesota

CFP hit parade: Midwest Junto for the History of Science, University of Minnesota, April 4-6. Abstracts are due on Friday, 2/15, to Jole Shackelford at Web 2.0/History 2.0: Making History Together:  The Annual Meeting of the American Assoc for History and Computing, April 20-22.  Abstracts due Feb 28. Other news: At Hanging Together, an […]

Medical history photos on flickr

Posted on February 4, 2008 under digital history, history of medicine | 5 Comments

Coming on the heels of the Library of Congress’ flickr experiment, The Commons, the National Museum of Health and Medicine has just put a portion of their photo collection up on flickr announced that they have been sharing their photo collection on flickr since 2006.  There are some amazing things up, see links below. This announcement has […]

Revision updates

Posted on November 19, 2007 under academe, history of medicine, me | 1 Comment

Good news! Not only was it just my birthday yesterday, but I have also now officially revised two chapters this month. For International Dissertation Writing Month (modeled on Nanowrimo), I pledged to revise three chapters, so I’m right on track. Here, FYI, is a tag cloud from Chapter Four, the one on Salvarsan and selling […]

Book Review: The Air We Breathe

Posted on November 12, 2007 under historical fiction, history of medicine

Andrea Barrett, The Air We Breathe (Norton, 2007)* On first glance, this novel could be the American Magic Mountain: it’s set in a TB sanatorium in the Adirondacks (“Tamarack Lake,” a fictionalized Saranac Lake) during the leadup to the Great War. But Barrett’s themes and preoccupations are quite different than Mann’s. The Air We Breathe […]

More SHOT reports

Posted on October 26, 2007 under history of medicine, history of technology, SHOT2007 | 2 Comments

I’ve found just a few other reports of SHOT, one from Ecorover, who went on the Harper’s Ferry tour with Roe Smith (awesome), and one from Dictatorship of the Air, a Soviet historian whose paper was misconstrued by the audience.  I’m puzzled that I can’t find any other posts on the meeting–are there so few […]