Cliopatria awards

Posted on January 7, 2011 under blogs, history of science

Congrats to this year’s Cliopatria Award winners, recognizing the best in history blogging.  Lots of great stuff to add to the ol’ feed reader.  No explicitly public history-themed blogs made the cut this year, but a history of science blog did win best individual blog, so at least one of my teams was represented. Visit Cliopatria for the judges’ remarks on the blogs.

Best Group Blog: US Intellectual History

Best Individual Blog: Renaissance Mathematicus

Best New Blog: PhD Octopus

Best Post: Mike Dash, “The Emperor’s Electric Chair,” A Blast from the Past, 9 September.

Best Series of Posts: David Blight, William Freehling, Adam Goodheart, Jamie Malanowski, and others, “DisunionNYT‘s Opinionator, 30 October- .

Best Writer: Lapata@Chapati Mystery