Digital history north/south

Posted on January 16, 2008 under digital history

News from the two poles of North American digital history (or, you know, the UWO-GMU Axis of Digital Evil) have recently passed into the aether:

The dispatch from London:   Bill Turkel and Alan MacEachern are writing a book, The Programming Historian, “to teach practicing historians how to use programming to augment their ability to do research online.”
The dispatch from Fairfax:  the CHNM is organizing an unconference called THATcamp (the humanities and technology camp), on digital humanities, the weekend of May 31.  “Sessions at THATCamp will range from full-blown papers (not many of those, we hope) to software demos to training sessions to debates to discussions of research findings to half-baked rants.”  Sign me up in the half-baked rants category!  Apply for a spot at