Metablogging for 10/26

Posted on October 26, 2007 under blogs, history of technology

A new blog on the history of computing and IT:  my pal Stephanie at the Charles Babbage Institute at the University of Minnesota Libraries has started a blog for the CBI, featuring news about their collections and activities.  I’ve been working for the CBI on a project, and can attest to the fact that they have terrific collections and are all very friendly to boot.

Blogging about blogging:

William Turkel had an interesting post on originality in the blogosphere.  He suggests that the value bloggers place on ‘substantive’ posts over links posts is misleading, and that, with so much material out there, other folks’ links can be an important clue to what’s interesting/useful, and this unprecedented access to other peoples’ work can be extremely productive. “Sure the collective is doomed to repeat things, but how else could it memorize them?”

Jessamyn talks about the distributed nature of conversation on the blogosphere and the importance of becoming part of those conversations through commenting and whatever else.

I think an easy mistake for first-time bloggers to make is to assume that their blog is going to become some conversational destination without realizing that they need to go out and converse as well as bring people in to do it. The conversation that we all talk about cluing in to doesn’t happen in any one place, it happens in a lot of places all at once.

I’ve recently been commenting only on kidlit blogs, so as someone who runs a history blog, this is a good reminder to participate more in history/museum conversations.

PH metablogging:

I’m just about done with my long-awaited State of the Public History Blogosphere post, so look for that relatively soon.

Also, PH has been around for one year, as of September.  Happy birthday to me!

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