Minnesota Supercaucus Tuesday!

Posted on February 5, 2008 under minnesota

Just a reminder that, along with over twenty other states, Minnesota is holding precinct caucuses today.  Go to the Secretary of State’s caucusfinder page for your caucus location.  DFLers* are urged to come at 6:30 to sign in, since high turnout is expected; Republicans can just show up at 7 (Green Party caucuses are in March, and the Independence party is holding an online caucus, which sounds great in theory). 

I tried to find some historical content for this post but I’ve been stymied.   What would be nice to find:  how the candidates stand on historical issues! or, who has the MHS endorsed?  but there’s not really a history voting bloc, except for those “Historians for [candidate]” groups, which are mostly made up of academics.  If you want to support small historical organizations, support localpoliticians who are willing to fund education, libraries, the humanities and culture, since most history is local and municipal.  Local funding challenges generally impact small organizations more than national ones.  I suppose if the next president decides to gut the IMLS, that will be a big problem for history museums (especially if we start to depend on federal formula grants), but if you elect a county commissioner, for instance, who doesn’t understand why the county is funding a little house filled with old plows, that will be an immediate and possibly fatal problem. 

My caucus is at Roosevelt High.  See you there! 

*In Minnesota, the Democratic party is the “Democrat-Farmer-Labor” party, FYI for readers from elsewhere.

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