Mpls/Hennepin County Black History Month Events

Posted on February 6, 2008 under minnesota, public history

Every year the city and county team up for various Black History Month activities; this year’s theme is “Economics in the Black Community.”  All of these lectures will be held on Wednesdays, 11:30-12:30 in City Hall or the Government Center.

Feb 6:  Barbara Jo Davis, Ken Davis Products, Minnesota Black Chamber of Commerce, County A-24 (Okay, this one has already happened.  Sorry!)

Feb 13:  Jacqueline King, Federal Reserve Bank of Mpls, City Council Chambers, Rm 317

Feb 20:  Hussein Samatar, African Development Center (and former city Library Board member!), Level A Auditorium, County

Feb 27:  Dr. Rose M. Brewer, U of M, City Hall Atrium

It’s not clear how historical these presentations are going to be, but the speakers are all pretty interesting. I have various posts planned about Minnesota black history for this extra-long February, so stick around.

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  1. helo,
    i would like to keep alive the memory of some of the most remembered people in the african american community, the most influential ones that has changed people’s lives and that continue to change people’s lives at the present time, i was very surprised to google black histroy month events and not find almost any until i came across to your website, at least someone is keeping it alive!…..i was wondering if we could present the change that Malcom X has brought to the african american community in a short period of time, a change, in my opinion, that no one in america has ever achieved and no one will be ble to achieve. He truly has achieved a grand success to lift african american spirit, to take them to a level that they have never been taken to (economically and socially)and made them reach tremendous goals that they have never dreamed of. i believe and i strongly believe that his legacy of influencing people in a higher level should be commomerated in every corner of america and on every day not only black histroy month (which i have been looking for if anybody has any event about any black histroy month and i couldn’t find it as i mentioned above, i went to rondo library as they claim on their website that they are celebrating black history month, not a single event, not a single mention, even though they celebrate black history month throughout the month, i even asked if i could present some figures important to black history and i was told if i wanted to talk about a group i have rent a room for $ 50.00 and bring my own group and talk about it in that room, to exposure to the general public? what a shocking statement coming from a public place that suppose to be the leader in public education in our history.

  2. I have to clarify that the staff at the rondo library are the most helpful, the most friendly and that they were only following the library policy. my intention is to clarify that it needs to be emphasized more so they can educate the general publich about prominent figures in black history. its the public right to know and i think it is mainly the library’s job to present it in a manner that will leave a lasting memory to our kids minds so they can retell those encouragement stories to their kids.
    Correction: little typo on my previous post thirt line from bottom should read 1.(no exposure to the public) another one little higher 2.(eight line from bottom: even though their website says all st. paul public libraries celebrate black histroy month)

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