My schedule at SHOT

Posted on October 18, 2007 under history of technology, me, SHOT2007

I’ll be at SHOT this weekend (the annual conference of the Society for the History of Technology) in DC.  I’ve never been to SHOT except when the meeting was co-located with HSS, so I’m excited to go to a new meeting and meet new folks.  A friend is in town for a different conference, and I’m staying with another friend, so I may be a bit scarce.  I will definitely be at the following, though:  TEMSIG meeting Friday noon, grad student breakfast at 7:30 on Saturday (who scheduled that?), and my paper at 9 am on Sunday.  I’ll also be visible around the conference as the short person wearing red.  I’d be delighted to meet friends from the history blogosphere.

About my paper:  It’s in session 53, and is called “Seeing and Selling the Syringe”–it’s about IV injection becoming the visual symbol of scientific medicine in progressive era America.  It is also a special sneak preview of 606 Will Save You!, otherwise known as Chapter 4 of my dissertation.