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Museums and superstruct

Posted on September 27, 2008 under history of technology, LAMW2.0, museums

Are you excited for Superstruct? The massively multiplayer online game about building the future will be up in a few weeks (Oct 6) though the story is up now. The game, to be played in familiar internet spaces, is, according to organizer Institute for the Future, based on scenarios of the near future in 2019: […]

Google buys OCLC

Posted on April 1, 2007 under LAMW2.0 | 1 Comment

Well, folks, I apologize for my absence.  I’ve been dealing with a family emergency back in Detroit, and while I’m not back to dissertation-writing, I had to post regarding this news that will impact–if not local history museums directly, seeing as many are still struggling to catalog their holdings, period–the museum/archives/library/digital history communities, which is […]

What you missed at WebWise

Posted on March 6, 2007 under LAMW2.0, museums and the web

Brett started with a huge laugh from the crowd saying that he didn’t want to steal IMLS’ thunder but that NEH Program Officers would be waiting in the lobby after the conference, with checkbooks in hand, making immediate grants. Holly Witchey has all the details over at Musematic. Update:  Gunter Weibel has more at Hanging […]

History museums and the semantic web

Posted on January 16, 2007 under digital history, LAMW2.0, museums and the web | 6 Comments

I love the tools developed by the SIMILE folks at MIT, open-source tools that make interoperability between data collections a key focus. They have lots of neat tools that are more meta, but two in particular could be very useful to off-the-shelf digital historians. The first is the Timeline tool, which I’m planning to use […]

This bold renegade signs ‘Z’ with his blade…

Posted on October 6, 2006 under LAMW2.0 | 4 Comments

Well, I’ve been excited to get Zotero, the new web citation manager, but it requires Firefox 2.0, which is unavailable for download at the moment. Obviously, the world is telling me to get back to writing and worry about new toys tools later.